Eulyn Colette Hufkie

Costume Designer For Film and Television


The Walking Dead SEASON 2 - Herschel's Farm

This was a dream like place for our characters. I was inspired by soft pastel colours for their clothing which I used to paint these  images.

People always want to know what goes into creating a WALKERS COSTUME. The little featurette below that 

AMC created will show you a very early morning in my work day.


The opening scene of this season has no dialogue, the costumes spoke for the characters and helped show the timeline. When they discover the prison, it becomes their new home. In this season, I was able to show a dichotomy between our humble group of core characters struggling to survive in the prison and the Woodbury group  lead by the Governor, who had become accustomed to taking whatever they wanted, even if that meant by force. "TO THE VICTOR GO THE SPOILS"


THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 4 - Finding a new home


These were some of my favourite designs. The children who grew up in the apocalypse had no idea how clothing is traditional worn, so they made made trinkets out of 'things' that they found and girls wore boys clothing. The characters find themselves back on the road and we meet iconic graphic novel characters. My brief was to make it look as if they jumped off the pages.



The Walking Dead Season 5 - Terminus to Alexandria

The Terminian group were by far some the scariest people we've ever come across. Their costumes made them scarier because they were so unassuming. After escaping the box car using the clothing items as weapons, our core group lives desperately off of the land as they navigate their way to a new safe haven called Alexandria. My inspiration here was the juxtaposition between our feral core group and the very civilized, Alexandrian led by Deanna Monroe.

HE WALKING DEAD SEASON 6 - Introducting Heath and Denise